by Ariel Stavri, SciJourn Reporter

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  1. Love the different drug depictions as the graphic representation of the data. Took me a minute to figure out the little cloud of 6 females and 2 males…I thought at first it was a puff of smoke from the cigarette, but once I read the text at the bottom, I clued in. The title says ‘teen’ drug use, but you only say 34 people were surveyed. Perhaps you could give their ages?

  2. -i think thhis was a very interesting topic but, i believe there should have been more people surveyed and also maybe the ages of the teens that use any of the substances listed.

  3. i really like how the chart used a unique way other than a traditional graph by using the the item and colors for the gender to fill up the item to show who used how much of wat:smile

  4. :shy i think the graph coloring couldve been diffrent because all the blues look alike so there should diffrent coloring in the graph to read it better

  5. I liked that how this person organized the whole thing.This did a very nice job with the whole thing.I didnt knoe that females drink alchol more often than males.

  6. .good job on the chart.i kind of figured that females drink more.i also think teenagers drink to fit in,be popular and just to have fun.

  7. I like the visuals glad you took time to do it, the proof that you need more people to survey is you have no "rare" smokers, i think that this is very useful information and that this demonstrates a very real truth that the generation as a whole needs to face. kids do drugs it is a fact, but we shouldnt at our schools just tell them to say no, i mean we can tell them to say no but i feel that we need to emphasize how to use them safely much more

  8. why did you deecidee to use drugwss ??? :why

    well anyway’ss love that u did and i didn’t noo moree femalesss did drugss and stuff thenn boyss .. :@@

    i also didn’tt now more ppl drunkk thenn did druggs !! :wah