Are you an IPODER? IPODERs are Internet-savvy, phone-addicted, opportunistic, digitally conscience folks, says Dr. Benjamin Akande, Dean of Business and Technology at Webster University. Akande spoke about Ipoders at the St. Louis Science Center’s SciFest on October 10, 2009.


IPODERs are always on their cell phone, surfing the Internet or doing something with technology, he says. Akande estimates that there are 115 million IPODERs in the U.S.


IPODERs are also busy social networking—communicating and socializing with other people online through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


“What this technology means is that everybody is important, that they are no more superstars, that we all superstars…it awakes all of us,” say Akande.  “We are all important in our right and that’s what I like about it. And if you can use it properly; if you can write; if you can speak; if you can be articulate; you can be the President of the United States.” 


  1. well i totally agree with this article because there aree r eally people out there thats is obessed with the ipods,mp3s,and more

  2. I like how you took social networking and technology into a better light than it is normally considered by adults these days. Nice Work