The information in these graphs show that most of the respondents, which include high school teachers, high school students, and other adults, were not aware that Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) contain mercury. (To learn more about CFLs and their problems click HERE.) Most answered that they would throw the bulbs in the trash. After the respondents were informed of the mercury in CFLs, 42% did not know how to recycle them. However, 80.0% said CFLs would have a negative impact on the environment if not recycled.  These replies are significant because the variation of the respondents show what most people know about CFLs





These pie charts tell us that maybe manufacturers have not done a good enough job to alert their buyers that these bulbs contain mercury and, therefore, need to be recycled. These results should encourage manufacturers to better alert the public, or produce bulbs that do not contain mercury.


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  1. Interesting article. It is important that young people are informed of the dangers of mercury in regard to the environment.