These are the results of a survey of a 100 girls at an area all girls high school. These students voluntarily answered the survey questions about tanning and the effects of tanning.

Image is everything in a teenage girl’s life and so tanning helps a teenager keep that image of perfection. These results show that the students at the school surveyed are smart about their tanning.  Less than half of the 100 students surveyed go tanning. Although there are the people that ignore the effects of tanning, the majority take the effects into account and adjust their tanning habits. These results are very comforting to learn because the girls who are smart in their tanning habits will be better off in the future According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, these girls’ skin will be healthier in the future and less likely to get a form of skin cancer.


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Erica Shurmur 

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  1. I appreciated this article/survey because I go to an all girls school and I know there are many girls in my school who get spray tans or lay in tanning beds. I have never done either of those things because I know of those effects so I dont even want to risk that. I think its silly when girls come into school the next day as dark as night in the winter. But as long as they know the effects i guess its up to them to have that risk!

  2. This article was very interesting. I go to an all girls school as well and sometimes I wonder if the girls who go to tanning beds 3 times a week really know what it is doing to their skin.