by Alexander Walker; Hazelwood East High School (St. Louis, MO)

There are many game consoles or systems that people like and companies profit off of. Of the different styles of game play, none of gaming companies made a bigger impact than Microsoft Inc. and Sony Entertainment. According to September, 2008, issue of Every Game Magazine, these two are companies have sold the most gaming consoles, but now the question everyone wants to know is which one is the best?

This "brawl" of machinery started in the early 1990's, when Sony made the PlayStation. They already had a worldwide business for televisions, cameras and other products, and, according to Computer World UK, they had just reduced the prices on their televisions when their profit sky rocketed to an all time high in 1996. Microsoft then jumped into the mix and released their console, the Xbox, in 2001. This was first sold in Japan and then two years later production started in the U.S. This was hard, according to Microsoft, to jump back over from Japan and start a whole new production line. This took another year to reach stores, and by then Sony had already created the PlayStation 2.

In 2003, the Xbox was finally released offering a whole new era of game play. Xbox provided a different version of graphics and made the games seem more realistic.

This battle continued through 2008 when Sony created the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft brought out the Xbox 360. Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) with its non-battery powered controllers, modern software and sleek, futuristic exterior design. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 had enhanced graphics and new engineered software.  

Microsoft’s product was $240-360, depending on the memory space. Sony had a different strategy in mind. They wanted $500-$600 for their machine. “With how detailed and precise they made this machine I don’t blame them!” said G4’s Attack of the Show’s Danny Pudi.However, Sony was loosing money.

Sarah Wick, a computer software engineer at Microsoft, said, "Throughout the first couple years of selling the Xbox 360, we didn’t just pass up Sony’s income, we almost doubled what they had." By the end of 2009, Sony reduced the prices to $270-400, just in time for Christmas. “We have almost caught up to them” said CEO and president of Sony Corporation Ryoji Chubachi. Today it is uncertain who is winning, but were the systems themselves doing all the work?


According to local GameStop manager, David Stidim, "It’s not the console that makes the money. It’s what is playing in them – videogames”.

According to frequent GameStop customer, Keith Brent, “The Kinect [a full body movement motion sensor device that allows you to play the Xbox 360 without a controller] is crushing the PlayStation’s Move [a device much like the Nintendo Wii]. Both machines are exceedingly fun to play with and will not cease to get better.”

A recent survey of 100 random students at Hazelwood East High of random grade level shows that the Xbox 360 is overall the one most played and the one most owned by peers, but PS3 is only down by 3%.

"Xbox 360 has way better graphics and its just better in every way,” says Tabryia., Patrick and Nick.

"The Wii was the first motion based game and they are more experienced in that type of game play,” says Chris, Elysha and Toni.

"The PS3 has Blu-Ray and the graphics on sports games are way better than Xbox 360’s,” claims Armani. 

“The PS3 doesn’t have to pay for online game play like the Xbox 360” says Kenneth.

Research shows that online play is a big way to financially boost the company’s income. GTPlanet.neta game commentary network for gamers, magazine publishers and editors. says. ‘The price isn’t that bad for online play and the service is a lot better than PS3’s, however the PS3 has its own server. This generally means that each game has its own file where it is saved inside the system."     


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  1. This is a great article. I was debating on which console to get over the summer, but I just decided to get neither because it was just too confusing. Something that I noticed you did not address was the price of owning each system after a few years. If you get the cheapest XBOX 360 on the market which is $240 plus 4 years of online play it will add up to $440 (without tax on online play) by the end of the 4 years. Yet, on the PS3 you pay an inital $270 and in 4 years you still have only paid $270. It is hundreds of dolars cheaper to get a PS3.
    Great article. :gamba

  2. I really liked this article because it has very convincing articles about why each gaming console is more liked by peers and people in general. This article even convinced me that I might buy an xbox with my own money even though I like my PS3 just fine, plus the free online is a bonus as well.