What is Brain Freeze? from SciJourner on Vimeo.

You are enjoying that nice cold drink when suddenly your brain screams OUCH. What is brain freeze and does it really affect your brain? SciJourner reporter Alex Walters investigates.

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  1. This video made perfect sense. I’ve always wandered what caused "brain freeze" in the first place. The picter of the open mouth made everything clear on brain freeze. THANX ALOT.

  2. i hate brain freeeeeezzzzzz because they make my head hurt and i really dont know how to take it off so i have to ask someone how to take it off

    • I always thought a brain freeze was caused in the brain and to make it go away is to hold your head. Im glad i watched this video !!!

  3. This video has a greatly detailed explanation for why brain freeze happens. it shows how the body is sending a message to the brain saying that your loseing a great amount of heat :good :congrate :good