One small place in a tree

Author: Barbara Brenner, Tom Leonard

Illustrator: Tom Leonard 

Number of pages: 32 pages 

Publisher: HarperCollins, 2004 

ISBN: 068817180X, 9780688171803

Price: $17.89

Ages: 5-8

      Did you know that every tree, whether if it’s living or dead, provides a place for something to live in? This book explains how a hole in a tree can provide a place for animals or insects to live. This story explains how a tree begins to become a place for living things over time. Did you know a tree home begins from just a scratch in the tree of the bark? Did you know a cut formed in a tree can be the beginning of a hole in a tree?Well, while reading this book the author explains the changes of the tree and animals.The book also tell you about how many different animals come along to eat their prey. Different animals, such as red-bellied woodpeckers, flying squirrels, blue birds, and red back salamander, arrive one a time begin to live in the tree and eat their prey.This book is also great to read to know about niches and habitats. 

      The author is very specific with her explanations of what’s happening.  Everything reads very well for any child 5-8 to read.The beautiful pictures will inspire the reader. For example, the book has beautiful pictures of beetles eating their way out of chambers  and planting fungi.The wonderful pictures can be very helpful. Any child would enjoy this book!