Giant Pandas

Authors: John Seidensticker & Susan Lumpkin

Pages: 186

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 978-0-06-120578-1

Price: $19.95

Level of Difficulty: This book may be too challenging for young children. It is a good book for parents or teachers to read out loud.      


Did you know that pandas eat mostly bamboo, but sometimes they eat small deer? Giant pandas are viewed by the world as cute, cuddly teddy bears. Authors John Seidensticker and Susan Lumpkin prove that they are much more than that.

The writing style of the author is factual, while still able to entertain the reader. A child would appreciate having this story read to them, because it might be a little too hard for them to read on their own. Every page of this 186-page story includes a photograph of a live panda, either in a zoo or in the wild. There is a helpful index that makes it easy and quick to look up a specific piece of information. 

Some of the information in the book will be surprising to readers. “A newborn panda is the size of a stick of butter” is just one example of a shocking passage in the book. By reading this book, you can learn about giant pandas and how they are born and live, whether in a zoo, or out in the wild. It also describes why giant pandas are endangered, and the factors that contribute to this The lives of many specific pandas are detailed, including the Smithsonian National Zoo’s Tai Shan, who was born in 2006. 

Another theme of this book is ecology because the habitats of giant pandas are described—where they live and the environment that is necessary for pandas to survive.

This book will fulfill all of your panda bear knowledge needs.