Here is the Tropical Rain Forest

Author: Madeleine Dunphy

Illustrator: Michael Rothman

Publisher: Web of Life Children’s Books (2006)

ISBN: 10: 0786812125

Reading Level: 3-8 years old


     Do you ask question about animals? Do you want to know how an animal lives in the rain forest? If so, then I would recommend this book.

     This book is about the food chain; it describes the producer and all the way to the carnivore. It also describes how other animals compete by eating the same thing as other animals.

     What the book does really well is describe how animals get energy and how they are living things just like humans—animals need food to survive, too.

     The book should have also included the differences between a food chain and food webs. Some kids may not understand the difference.

     The pictures are ok, some of them should be a little bit lighter and maybe more descriptive. However, the back of the book has good pictures of the animals in the book and their names. 





  1. This would be a book for a child if they just learning about animals. I would read this book if I am trying to help a child on learning about the different types of animals there are and there habitats.